a woman pharaoh who dressed in men’s clothes

a woman pharaoh who dressed in men’s clothes

Aphrodite, the Woman Pharaoh Who Dressed in Men’s Clothes

Aphrodite was a female pharaoh of Egypt in the 7th century BCE who is known for her symbolic role as an essentially masculine figure. She earned this reputation due to her tendency to dress and act like a man.

Dressing for Success

Aphrodite used her gender-bending style of dress to her advantage. For a woman to hold a position of power in Ancient Egypt normally would have been difficult but by her adopting traditionally male clothing and mannerisms, she was able to secure her place in authority.

Aphrodite wore clothing such as:

  • White linen kilts
  • Decorative golden necklaces
  • Leather sandals
  • Lion pelt cloaks

Powerful Ruler

Aphrodite is also known for her skilled administration of Egypt, as well as her diplomatic relations with her neighbors. She successfully negotiated peaceful relations with former adversaries, as well as cementing trade agreements. Her rule is remembered in Egyptian history as a period of great prosperity and stability.

Aphrodite used her leadership skills to bring about the successful construction of many large projects. Among these projects were the restoration of the Great Pyramid of Giza, the building of the first canal connecting the Nile to the Red Sea, as well as many other pioneering engineering accomplishments.


Aphrodite’s legacy as a powerful and progressive female ruler is still remembered today. As a symbol of glory for a strong and independent woman and her success in achieving her goals, her reign is a reminder of the importance of women in history. Her accomplishments and her bold fashion choices have continued to inspire women from all walks of life and remind us that there were indeed females that were able to break the mold and make a lasting impression in their respective societies.

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