are clothing advertisements aimed at teenager effective and ethical essay

are clothing advertisements aimed at teenager effective and ethical essay

Are Clothing Advertisements Aimed At Teenagers Effective and Ethical?

Clothing advertisements aimed specifically at teenagers today raise an interesting question. Are they effective, and are they ethical? Let’s look at these questions a bit more closely.

Are they effective?

We can judge the effectiveness of these clothing ads by considering the impact they have on teen consumers. In general, clothing ads targeted to teenagers are often effective, as they are able to appeal to teenagers’ desire to fit in and be fashionable. Furthermore, major clothing brands often employ marketing and advertising strategies that are appealing to teens: bright colours, flashy graphics, and celebrity endorsements.

However, it is important to note that the effectiveness of clothing ads does depend on the individual teen. Not all teens will be influenced in the same manner. Some teens may be more easily swayed by appealing visuals and persuasive language, while others may be more immune to the “pull” of clothing ads.

Are they ethical?

When it comes to ethical considerations, clothing ads aimed at teenagers also raise questions. One concern is the potential for unwanted psychological pressure on teens to purchase clothing in order to live up to an unrealistic ideal of fashion and popularity.

In addition, clothing companies are often accused of taking advantage of teens’ insecurities, pushing them to buy clothes they may not necessarily need or be able to afford. This raises further ethical concerns.


When considering the effectiveness and ethical implications of clothing ads targeted at teenagers, it becomes apparent that there is no single answer to either question. Clothing ads can be effective tools of marketing, as long as they are used responsibly and ethically. By being aware of the potential impact they may have on teens, clothing companies can create ads that are effective and ethical at the same time.

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