can a bed bug bite through clothes

can a bed bug bite through clothes

Can a Bed Bug Bite Through Clothes?

Bedbugs are pests that feed on the blood of humans and animals. They usually hide in beds, mattresses, and furniture. There are horror stories of people getting bitten in their sleep by these pests, but is it possible for a bed bug to bite through clothing?

What is a Bed Bug?

Bedbugs have a flattened body, which is perfect for crawling into tight spaces. They also have wings, but they can’t fly. They typically feed on the blood of humans and animals. They are very small, oval and have a reddish-brown color.

Can Bed Bugs Bite Through Clothes?

The answer is yes, bed bugs can bite through clothing. Bed bugs have specialized piercing mouthparts which allow them to pierce clothing. However, it usually takes some pressure for them to penetrate the fabric layers and get to skin. Generally, most people will not feel the bed bug bite until it has already happened.

What Fabric is Bed Bug Resistant?

The best fabrics for avoiding bed bugs are:

  • Thick fabrics: Thicker fabrics such as denim are more resistant to bed bug bites.
  • Tightly-woven fabrics: Fabrics that are tightly woven together are harder for bedbugs to penetrate.
  • Silk: Most bed bugs cannot penetrate the fibers of silk.


If you are worried about getting bitten by bed bugs, the best way to prevent it is to make sure your home is free of bed bugs. You should check your bed, furniture and clothing regularly and wash your bed clothes in hot water. You should also use covers on your mattress and pillows to protect against bed bug bites.

In conclusion, bed bugs can bite through clothing and it is important to take the necessary steps to keep your home free of these pests. By using thick fabrics, tightly-woven fabrics and silk, and by taking preventative measures, you can ensure that you don’t have to worry about a bed bug bite.

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