can a newborn wear 0-3 month clothes

can a newborn wear 0-3 month clothes

Can a newborn wear 0-3 month clothes?

One of the most confusing tasks for soon-to-be parents is buying clothes for their newborn baby. With all the different sizes and types of clothing, it can be hard to decide what size will fit. One decision parents frequently make is deciding if a newborn can wear 0-3 month clothes.

Understanding Clothing Sizes

Newborn clothing sizes typically refer to a newborn between 8-12 pounds in weight and 19-21 inches in height. Babies at this size generally range from 0-3 months old. Clothing sizes from 3-6 months are for babies who are between 12-16 pounds and 21-24 inches in length.

How to Tell If the Clothing Fits

When it comes to deciding if a newborn can wear 0-3 month clothes, the best advice is to go with what fits. To figure out what size fits best, carefully measure your baby and compare your measurements to the measurements used for 0-3 month clothing.

What Type of Clothes to Buy for a Newborn

When buying clothes for a newborn, it’s important to consider the fabric and style. Because newborns have extremely sensitive skin, clothing should be soft and breathable. This means avoiding fabric with a lot of lint or fuzz. In addition, clothes should be loose enough to allow for growth and movement.


In conclusion, a newborn can wear 0-3 month clothing as long as the clothing fits properly. When selecting clothes for a newborn, always look for breathable fabric and loose fitting styles. With the right clothes, your newborn will look adorable and stay comfortable.

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