can a women wear mens clothing in fable 3

can a women wear mens clothing in fable 3

Can a Woman Wear Mens Clothing in Fable 3?

Women in Fable 3 can wear mens clothing – if they can get their hands on it! Although the game doesn’t make it easy, it is still possible to find or buy clothing that isn’t specifically designed for female characters.

How to Get Mens Clothing in Fable 3

If you want to wear mens clothing in Fable 3, there are two ways to do it:

  • Finding Clothing: While exploring the world of Albion, keep an eye out for clothing that isn’t specifically labeled as “female” or “mens”. These items will have a gender-neutral look, and you can equip them regardless of your character’s gender.
  • Buying Clothing: There are several traders throughout Albion that will sell clothing of all sorts. Be sure to browse their wares carefully – you may find mens clothing in their selection, which your female character can still buy and wear!

Synergy Bonuses and Clothes

In addition to choosing mens clothing for aesthetic reasons, wearing them can also result in beneficial synergy bonuses. Fable 3 is full of synergies, such as increasing your character’s attractiveness if they wear red-colored garments. However, your character can also benefit from wearing clothes that traditionally represent the opposite gender.

Mens clothing in Fable 3 will increase your character’s combat and strength ratings. Thus, female characters can receive an edge in battle if they wander Albion in mens clothing!

In conclusion, women in Fable 3 can wear mens clothing. Whether you want to give your female character a unique look or boost their combat capabilities, you can easily do so in-game through clothing purchases or exploration.

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