can acrylic paint be used on clothing

Can Acrylic Paint be Used on Clothing?

Acrylic paints are water-soluble paints made up of pigments suspended in a synthetic polymer emulsion. Although it is often used on canvas, paper and other surfaces, it can also be used on clothing as a fabric paint. Using acrylic paint on fabric is not only a fun art project, but it can also be used to spruce up an old article of clothing or even create a personalized piece of wearable art.

Things to Know Before You Paint

Before you dive into an acrylic paint project on your clothing, there are a few important things to consider:

  • Prepare fabric. To make sure the paint adheres properly to the fabric, it’s important it is pre-washed and dry. Denim works best for fabric painting.
  • Keep in mind the end product. It is important to keep in mind that acrylic paint will not remain flexible after it dries, so the finished product is better used on items that are not going to be stretched or bent.
  • Plan your design. Before you begin painting, think through your design and draw it out with a fabric marker or chalk first.
  • Select paints. Choose paint that is designated to be used on fabric or mix your own with acrylic paint and a fabric medium.

Tips for Painting

When you are ready to get started, keep these tips in mind:

  • Iron clothing first. Before you begin painting, make sure to iron out any wrinkles. This will help create a smooth painting surface.
  • Use masking tape. Masking tape can be used to section off areas of the fabric and help create complex shapes.
  • Curing the paint. After you have finished painting, make sure to cure the paint by ironing with a hot iron. For better color adhesion wash the item twice in cold water before drying.

Using acrylic paint on fabric can be a great way to create unique and personal pieces of clothing or upcycle an old item. This can be a great way to get creative and express yourself through art and fashion. Just make sure to keep in mind the tips when painting on clothing.

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