can ants bite through clothes

can ants bite through clothes

Can ants bite through clothes?

Ants are some of the most successful species on the planet! They can survive in almost any environment, and can adapt to new conditions quickly. However, when it comes to biting through clothes, the answer is not so simple.

Do Ants Bite People?

Most species of ants do not bite people. In fact, ants actually rely on smell to assess their environment and find food, not their sense of touch or sight. However, there are some species of ants that do bite. If they feel threatened, some ants may bite to defend themselves and their colony.

Can Ants Bite Through Clothes?

Yes, ants can bite through clothes. Ants have strong mandibles (jaws) which allow them to bite through fabric. Some species are even able to bite through leather and other thick materials.

What Should I Do if an Ant Bites Through my Clothing?

If an ant does bite through your clothing, here are a few steps you can take:

  • Remove the garment: Carefully remove the item of clothing that the ant has bitten through.
  • Wash the area: Gently clean the area with soap and warm water to remove any possible venom or dirt.
  • Look for other bites: Inspect the clothing for other ant bites and remove them to prevent further issues.
  • Visit a doctor: In some cases, it is recommended to seek medical advice if the area starts to swell or become painful.


Ants can bite through clothes and can cause pain and irritation. If you experience an ant bite while wearing clothing, be sure to take steps to clean the area, prevent further bites, and seek medical advice if needed.

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