can bed bugs bite thru clothing

can bed bugs bite thru clothing

Can Bed Bugs Bite Through Clothing?

Bed bugs have been increasing in numbers and have been showing up in more and more homes. One of the common questions that people have is whether or not bed bugs can bite through clothing.

The Good News

The good news is that bed bugs can not bite through clothing. They will try to get as close to the skin as possible and will typically bite an area exposed by clothing. This means that if you protect your skin by wearing clothing, you should be safe from the bites of bed bugs.

The Bad News

The bad news is that bed bugs can still find ways to get close to the skin. Bed bugs are able to crawl through tiny spaces between buttons, zippers, and other openings in clothing. Therefore, if you have bed bugs in your home, it is important to be careful when wearing clothing to prevent them from getting close enough to your skin to bite.

Tips for Avoiding Bed Bug Bites

  • Wear clothing that fits properly. Make sure that clothing covers all of your skin and that there are no gaps that bed bugs can crawl through.
  • Inspect clothing regularly. Take a few minutes every day to inspect your clothing for bed bugs. If you find any, take the necessary steps to exterminate them.
  • Use mattress and pillow covers. Many bed bug infestations start when bed bugs crawl into bedding. To help prevent this, use mattress and pillow covers. This will help keep bed bugs off your skin and away from you.

In conclusion, bed bugs can not bite through clothing, but they can still get close to the skin by crawling through small openings. To help prevent this, make sure that your clothing fits properly, inspect your clothing regularly, and use mattress and pillow covers.

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