can bed bugs transfer on clothes

can bed bugs transfer on clothes

Can Bed Bugs Transfer on Clothes?

Bed bugs are small, brown-colored creatures that feed on sleeping humans and pets and can be found in mattresses, bedding, furniture, and other places where they can hide and live undetected. While bed bugs can’t fly, climb on walls, nor jump from one place to another, they can move from one place to another through clothes.

What are the risks of transferring bed bugs on clothes?

Bed bugs can easily hide in folds of clothes and other materials, like furniture, carpets and bedding. If someone has a bed bug infestation in their home, it’s possible for the bugs to move to clothing, bags and other fabric items, making them a risk for transporting the bugs to other locations.

How Can You Prevent Bed Bug Transfer On Clothes

The best way to prevent bed bugs from transferring on to your clothes is to be vigilant with your cleaning. Here are some simple steps to take to help protect your clothes from bed bugs:

  • Regularly vacuum your clothes and cleaning your surfaces. Vacuuming is one of the best ways to remove bed bugs and their eggs from your clothes and other items. Make sure to vacuum your upholstered furniture and mattresses, too.
  • Wash and inspect your clothes regularly. Washing your clothes and other fabric items in hot water can help kill the bed bugs and their eggs. Dry on a high-heat setting to ensure complete destruction. As part of your routine cleaning, check for bed bugs in stored items like folded clothes and items on shelves.
  • Store your clothes correctly. If you’re storing items for an extended amount of time, make sure you store them in airtight containers or bags. If you don’t have airtight containers, an empty cardboard box or plastic bin should also suffice.
  • Check secondhand items. When buying second-hand items, take the time to inspect them for bed bugs. Pay close attention to hidden areas like the seams, where bed bugs like to hide, and resist the urge to bring home any questionable items.


By practicing proper cleaning techniques and inspecting second-hand items, you can help minimize the risk of transferring bed bugs on clothes and keep them from spreading. Don’t forget to also vacuum your clothing and bedding regularly to reduce the chances of a bed bug infestation.

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