can clothes be returned without tags

can clothes be returned without tags

Can Clothes Be Returned Without Tags?

In the modern day and age, having the tags still attached to the clothes you bought is not always possible. So, is it possible to return clothes without tags?

Return Policie

The answer to this question depends on the store and their return policies. Most stores will not accept returns without tags attached and can be quite strict about it. If the tags have been removed, you should always check the store’s return policy and see if there’s an exception for you.

Details about the clothing

But, even if the store does accept a return, you may still be asked for details about the clothing. If there are no tags, then the store may want to confirm certain details with you, such as the size and color. You may also need to provide a receipt or other proof of purchase in order to show that you bought the item at that particular store.

Online Purchases

If you bought the item online and don’t have the tags, then you may face additional restrictions. Some online stores have stricter return policies for items that don’t have the tags attached. For example, they may not accept returns, or they may offer store credits instead of a refund.


In summary, it is possible to return clothes without tags, but you will need to check with the store first. You may also need to provide additional information about the clothing and have a proof of purchase. When making online purchases, it is important to be aware of the store’s return policies, as they may be stricter for items without tags.

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