can clothes be too wet for dryer

can clothes be too wet for dryer

Can Clothes Be Too Wet For Dryer?

Dryers are the perfect solution for laundry day woes, but not all clothes are suitable for the dryer. While those extra large beach towels might be too bulky for the washing machine, they can be an even bigger problem for the dryer. So when it comes to clothes, is there too much of a good thing? Can clothes be too wet for your dryer?

The short answer is yes.

When clothes are too wet, the dryer has to work harder to get them dry. This puts additional strain on the motor, which can result in damage and significantly reduce the lifespan of the appliance. Additionally, the excess moisture can also cause corrosion of the internal components of the dryer, leading to even more damage.

Signs that Clothes are Too Wet

Some signs that your clothes are too wet to dry in the dryer include:

  • Clothes are dripping water. This is a sign that the clothes likely weren’t spun out properly in the washing machine.
  • Clothes are taking an abnormally long time to dry. This is usually an indication that the clothes are too wet and the dryer is struggling to keep up.
  • Dryer is running hot. If the dryer runs hotter than usual, then this may be a sign that the clothes are too wet and are causing the machine to work too hard.
  • Clothes still feel damp after drying. Once the drying cycle is finished, if the clothes are still damp then this indicates that the clothes were too wet for the dryer.

What to Do with Wet Clothes

If your clothes are too wet, the best thing to do is to air-dry them. Line-drying your clothes on a clothesline or drying rack is a great way to remove excess moisture and is much gentler on your clothes than a dryer. If you don’t have access to an outdoor area with a clothesline, then you can hang your clothes over the back of a chair or door.


Dryers are a great way to get your laundry done quickly, but they are not always suitable for every type of garment. Clothes that are too wet can put additional strain on the dryer, so it is important to pay attention to the signs that your clothes are too damp for the dryer. We recommend air-drying your clothes as an alternative.

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