can clothes dry in cold weather

can clothes dry in cold weather

Can Clothes Dry In Cold Weather?

When the weather outside is cold, having freshly cleaned and dried clothes can be a challenge. Is it even possible to dry laundry in cold weather? The short answer is yes! It’s possible to figure out ways to dry clothes during cold weather, which are both simple and low-cost. Here are some tips on how to dry clothes in cold weather:

Indoor Air-Drying

Clothes hanging on a rack or draped over a chair provides a simple solution to drying laundry during a cold winter day. The best place for air-drying are in rooms with a window or dehumidifier that can absorb moisture from wet cloth. Individuals can also put their laundry in the kitchen, garage or bathroom because these tend to be warmer. For optimal air-drying, the room should have enough space for laundry to hang freely or for a rack or chair to be placed.

Machine Drying

When the temperature outside is too cold to dry clothes, individuals can also opt for machine drying. With the proper settings, a washing machine can dry clothes in a short amount of time. When the drying cycle is done, many machines will even perform a cool-down cycle in order to prevent static cling and wrinkles.

Tips For Machine Drying

  • Invest in a drying rack designed to fit in the machine
  • Choose short drying cycles
  • Be sure to use the shortest cycles and lowest heat settings depending on the kinds of clothes being dried
  • Be mindful of the washer type and size to make sure the clothes have enough space to tumble dry adequately

Other Solutions

Some people have clothes lines set up in the warmest part of the house, or use a laundry drying cabinet with a built-in heater. As mentioned above, dehumidifiers are also a great option for drying clothes indoors.

Definitely there are various ways individuals can dry clothes during cold weather, many of which don’t require a lot of time or money. Even in the middle of a cold winter, it is still possible to have freshly cleaned and dried clothes.

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