can clothes shrink in cold water

can clothes shrink in cold water

Clothes Shrinking in Cold Water

It is no secret that cold water can help you shrink your clothes, but many people don’t understand the details of how it works and why it is done. Cold water shrinking has been used by people for many years, yet there is still much to learn about it.

What Causes Clothes to Shrink?

Clothes are usually made of fabrics like cotton, wool, or synthetic fibers. The source of the fabric determines how it shrinks when put in hot or cold water. Cotton, for example, shrinks the most in cold water and it happens when the fibers of the fabric are agitated and become shorter.

How to Shrink Clothes in Cold Water

1. Start by washing the clothes in cold water. High temperatures can cause fabrics to become more resistant to shrinking, so make sure to keep the water lukewarm.

2. Place the clothes into the machine and select a shorter cycle.

3. Make sure to dry the clothes on a low heat setting.

4. Monitor the progress of the shrinkage, you can stop the cycle when you get the desired fit.

Benefits of Cold Water Shrinking

  • Cold water shrinking prevents fabrics from losing their shape and color.
  • It helps to maintain the original fit of the garment.
  • It is much gentler on the fabric and does not damage delicate fabrics.

Precautions for Cold Water Shrinking

  • Read the care label: Make sure to read the care label on the garment before washing it in cold water.
  • Check the fit: Determine the fit that you desire before washing, as the fabric has the potential to shrink up to 5%.
  • Use a machine: Never try to shrink clothes by hand because the results may be inconsistent.

Overall, shrinking clothes in cold water can be a great and easy way to alter the fit of garments. While it is not advised for every fabric, it can be a useful way to make clothes tighter or smaller. It is important to understand when and why it is used before attempting it.

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