can dry cleaners get paint out of clothes

can dry cleaners get paint out of clothes

Can Dry Cleaners Get Paint Out of Clothes?

Paint stains on clothes can be incredibly difficult to remove. Fortunately, dry cleaners can sometimes help lift the stain and restore your clothes to their original condition. But depending on the type of paint, there are certain steps to take to maximize your chances of success.

Which Paints Are Easier to Remove?

Some paints are easier to remove than others. Latex-based paints, for example, are generally much easier to remove than oil-based paints. Water-soluble paints can also be fairly straightforward to deal with.

Steps to Take Before Taking Clothes to the Dry Cleaner

Before visiting the dry cleaner, it’s important to take the correct steps to minimize permanent damage to the fabric. These steps are different depending on the type of paint:

  • Latex-Based Paints: Gently scrape off the excess paint and flush the area with cold water from the back of the stain. Don’t use hot water as this may cause the paint to set further. Then apply a pre-treatment solution to the stained area. This should be done before taking the clothing to the dry cleaner.
  • Oil-Based Paints: These paints are much harder to remove than latex-based paints. Apply a solvent-based pre-treatment solution to the area and then flush with warm water. Again, be sure to scrape off the excess paint before applying the solution.
  • Water-Soluble Paints: Flush the area immediately with warm water and then apply a pre-treatment solution. Don’t rub or pick at the stain. After this, you should be able to take the clothes to the dry cleaner.

Do Dry Cleaners Guarantee Paint Stain Removal?

Dry cleaners often cannot guarantee the removal of paint stains, so it’s best to research the methods they use before taking your clothes to them. Many dry cleaners use a combination of pre-spotting solutions, sponges, steamers and professional cleaning machines to try to remove paint stains. Ultimately, however, some dyed fabrics may not survive the process.


In conclusion, getting paint stains out of clothes is not impossible but it can be quite challenging. If you’re faced with a paint stain, your best bet is to research the type of paint and take the necessary steps to pre-treat the area before taking your clothes to the dry cleaner. That being said, even then it’s not a guarantee that the stain will be fully removed.

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