can fabric softener stain clothes

can fabric softener stain clothes

Does Fabric Softener Stain Clothing?

Fabric softener is a great way to make clothing feel super soft and nice to the touch. It is specially designed to help reduce static cling, smooth out wrinkles and make clothes smell wonderful. But does using fabric softener also put clothing at risk for staining? Luckily, fabric softeners do not stain clothes, but sometimes, they can leave a residue.

Does Fabric Softener Residue Stain Clothes?

In some cases, fabric softener residue can leave a white deposit or stain on clothing. This is most likely to occur if fabric softener is applied on clothes that are already wet. If there is excess fabric softener on the clothing, it will absorb the color of the fabric. It is important to not use too much fabric softener on clothing to avoid build up.

Tips to Avoid Residue Build Up:

  • Use the Appropriate Amount: Putting too much softener in the washer can result in residue build up. It is best to use the amount recommended by the fabric softener manufacturer on the label.
  • Pre Treat Stains: Pre treating stained clothing with a liquid detergent is important to remove any dirt or food residues before applying fabric softener.
  • Avoid Exposure to Heat: When drying clothes that contain fabric softener, it is important to avoid high heat as it can cause residues to stick to fabrics.

Although fabric softeners do not typically stain clothes, there is a small chance that it could. With that being said, it is important to follow the tips stated above to help avoid any residue build up and staining.

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