can fleas go through clothes

can fleas go through clothes

Can Fleas Go Through Clothes?

Fleas, the smallest of parasites, are a major nuisance for both cats, dogs and humans alike. Despite their size, these bugs can cause major skin discomfort, especially if they make their way onto your clothing and take residence there. But the question on everyone’s mind is can fleas actually go through clothes?

How do Fleas Get Through Clothes?

There are many ways that fleas can get through clothes, making you and your clothes more vulnerable to their presence and bite. Here are some ways that these pests can make their way to your clothes:

1.By Hitching a Ride

Fleas are known to “hitch a ride” on pets such as cats, dogs, ferrets and more, which carry the fleas around their bodies, and thus, can open a carrier of entry into your wardrobe.

2.Through Unwashed Clothes

Dirty laundry, especially if not washed regularly, can be a fertile breeding ground for fleas, allowing them to stay and hide in your clothes before attaching to other members of the family.

3.From Other Areas of the Home

Fleas don’t just hide in clothes – they can also traverse from other areas of the house, such as carpets, furniture, and flooring.

What Can You Do to Prevent Fleas from Going Through Clothes?

1. Keep Pets Clean & Regularly Inspected

One of the best ways to prevent fleas from entering your wardrobe is to keep your pets clean and free of fleas. Talk to a vet to find out the best flea treatment for your furry friend, and ensure your pet is checked regularly.

2. Clean & Vacuum Your Home Regularly

Fleas may come from furniture, carpets, and flooring, so make sure your home is regularly cleaned and vacuumed to keep it flea-free.

3. Regularly Wash Clothing

A good habit to prevent fleas from entering your wardrobe is to frequently wash your clothing. This will help keep your clothes free of fleas, as well as other agents that could transfer on to your garments.

4. Use Natural Solutions

While chemical shampoos and flea sprays can work in some cases, they may also be harmful to your health, especially if used too often. A better option is to use natural solutions, such as:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Cinnamon
  • Rosemary
  • Eucalyptus

These ingredients are proven to act as natural flea repellents and can be sprinkled on your clothing, furniture or carpets to keep the fleas away.

To conclude, fleas can get through clothes, so it’s important to be aware the ways that these pests can appear in your wardrobe and take preventive measures to keep them away. By regularly and properly cleaning your clothes, pets and home, you can make sure that you, your family and your clothes stay flea-free.

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