can fleas live in clothes

can fleas live in clothes

Can Fleas Live in Clothing?

Fleas are parasitic insects whose primary purpose is to feed on warm-blooded animals, such as dogs, cats, and even humans. Although these critters live primarily on the host animal’s body, it is possible for them to survive on clothing, such as blankets and bedding.

How Fleas End Up on Clothing

When a host animal is infested with fleas, they can transfer eggs to their surroundings as they scratch. Once they land on clothing, they attach to the fabric and lay eggs. These eggs can hatch into larvae, and then into adults, if the conditions are right.

Humid and Warm Conditions

It’s mostly a myth that fleas live in human clothing because the environment of clothing might not be the right fit for fleas to survive. Fleas need to nest in humid and warm places, which are hard to find in human clothing.

Flea Eggs

Fleas lay eggs on their host animals as well as in the environment around them. These eggs can hitch a ride on clothing and ultimately wash up with the laundry.

Getting Rid Of Fleas in Clothing

There are several things you can do to make sure your clothing is free from fleas:

  • Regularly wash your clothing – The best way to make sure your clothes are free from fleas is to regularly wash them. Washing your clothing in hot water (at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit) can kill fleas and their eggs.
  • Dry your clothes on the highest heat setting – This kills any remaining fleas and can prevent them from re-infesting your clothing.
  • Use detergent and anti-flea treatments – This can help to prevent fleas from living in your clothes. You can use anti-flea treatments found in pet stores or some laundry detergents specifically meant to kill fleas.


Fleas can live in clothing, although proper care and maintenance can help to minimize this problem. The best way to make sure your clothes are free from fleas is to wash them in hot water and dry them on the highest heat setting, and use detergent and anti-flea treatments.

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