can fleas travel on clothes

can fleas travel on clothes

Can Fleas Travel on Clothes?

Fleas can be a huge nuisance in your home, and they are notoriously difficult to get rid of. But how do they travel around, and can they be spread through our clothes?

How do Fleas Travel?

Fleas are well-adapted to move around and travel, making them capable of spreading quickly and causing serious problems for your home and pets. They can jump up to 8 inches in height and 13 inches in length, which is a very impressive distance for insects of their size. They can also travel from host to host, including humans, animals and other insects such as bed bugs and ticks.

Can Fleas Travel on Clothes?

Yes, it is possible for fleas to travel on clothes, particularly if the clothes have been in contact with fleas or other hosts such as animals, beds or furniture. Fleas can also be spread through clothes indirectly. For example, if your pet has fleas, they may carry them on their fur and transfer them onto furniture, bedding and clothing.

Preventing Fleas From Spreading

There are several steps you can take to reduce the risk of fleas spreading through clothes:

  • Wash and vacuum any affected clothes or bedding regularly.
  • Wash clothes in hot water regularly.
  • Change and wash pet bedding often.
  • Keep areas vacuumed, dusted and clean.
  • Use a flea trap or spray in the home to help kill any fleas.


Fleas can be incredibly difficult to get rid of, and they can travel through clothes just as easily as other hosts. Therefore it is important to take steps to prevent the spread of fleas through clothes, including regular washing and vacuuming, in order to keep your home flea-free.

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