can i bleach colored clothes

can i bleach colored clothes

Can I Bleach Colored Clothes?

Bleaching colored clothes is an often-debated topic in laundry circles. Colored fabric is usually stronger these days, so many consider this a viable option, although there are a few caveats and cautions to consider before embarking on this process.

Things to Consider Before Bleaching Colored Clothes:

  • Check the Care Label – many fabrics cannot be bleached and it’s usually indicated on the care label. Check this if you’d like to try it.
  • Choose the Right Bleach – there are specially-formulated colored bleaches available, which would be appropriate for colored clothes. Chlorine bleach is not suitable.
  • Test an Inconcealed Area – try bleaching an inconspicuous area on the garment first, such as an inside seam. This gives an indication of how the clothing will react.
  • Monitor Regularly – during the bleaching process, check it often, so you can identify if anything is going wrong.

Tips for Bleaching Colored Clothes Successfully

  • Monitor the Strength of the Bleach – the amount of bleach you use should be low, although you can sometimes increase the concentration a bit depending on the color of the fabric.
  • Add a Mild Detergent – this helps to stabilize the bleaching process and keep any harsh chemicals at bay.
  • Check Wash Cycle Instructions – most fabric will absorb dye better once it is warm, so use a warm wash cycle for regular bleaching.
  • Add a Color Neutraliser – this helps to restore the color of the garment, and it may help to protect the color from fading.

Bleaching colored clothes is now accepted by many as a viable option, but it’s important to take caution, be prepared, and follow the steps. As long as you know the potential risks and do your research, you can ensure that your clothes look great for longer.

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