can i change clothes in pokemon violet

can i change clothes in pokemon violet

How to Change Clothes in Pokemon Violet

Pokemon Violet offers a new way to customize your character’s look – by changing their clothes! If you’re interested in updating your wardrobe and want to know how you can go about it, read on for a step by step guide on how to change clothes in Pokemon Violet.

The Basics of Outfitting Your Character:

  • Visit any store in a Pokemon Center.
  • Go to “Clothing” from the store list and open it.
  • You will find several items in stock.

Choosing and Buying Clothes:

  • Select the pieces of clothing you’d like to buy.
  • Browse all clothing items to find the right fit and color.
  • To make a purchase, select the item and then “Buy” it.
  • The cost of the item will be taken from your Pokemon Coins.

Changing Your Outfit:

Once you’ve purchased your new garments, you can change your character’s outfit to wear them.

  • Press the “B” Button on your controller.
  • Select “Change Outfit” from the menu.
  • Change the clothing pieces in your closet by using the L and R buttons to toggle through them.
  • You can now choose and wear items from your wardrobe.

However, please note that you’ll need to have enough coins in order to purchase and switch items.

And that’s it! You’ll now be sporting your new outfit in Pokemon Violet. Enjoy!

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