can i dry clothes in the microwave

can i dry clothes in the microwave

Can Clothes be Put in a Microwave?

A microwave is a handy device for making quick meals, but can you put clothes in a microwave to dry them? The answer is a resounding “No”. Avoid putting any type of clothing in a microwave, as it can lead to damage of the appliance or create a dangerous fire hazard.

Are There Alternatives to Using a Microwave to Dry Clothes?

Yes! Though it may seem like a convenient solution, it’s best to use other methods for drying clothes:

  • Hanging: The simplest and most traditional way of drying clothes – just hang wet clothes on a clothed rack or preferably on a clothesline outdoors.
  • Tumble Dryer: This is a quicker option than hanging clothes. For best results, separate heavy fabrics, such as towels and jeans, from lightweight fabrics, such as shirts, dresses and socks.
  • Iron: Helping remove any wrinkles due to being wet. This method also helps disinfect clothes – great for items like bedding.

Why Can’t Clothes be Put in a Microwave?

The main reason for not putting clothes in a microwave is that it poses a fire hazard. The metal hooks and buttons on clothes contain metal which can spark and cause a fire. It is also a safety hazard as the heat from the microwave can be intense and can cause burns to the person handling the clothes.

Due to the risk of fire and safety hazards, it is best to avoid putting any type of clothing in a microwave. The above alternatives are much safer and convenient options.

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