can i dry colored and white clothes together

can i dry colored and white clothes together

Can I Dry Colored and White Clothes Together?

It’s a common question among laundry room enthusiasts; can I dry colored and white clothes together?. The short answer is, yes and no. Having a mix of colored and white clothes in the same load is fine but you will be better off drying them separately.

What Are the Risks?

Drying colored and white clothes together can result in color bleeding from the colored fabric onto the white items. The risk is particularly prevalent with new items, but can be a problem with other colors too. Additionally, colors can fade when washed together and some colors can even darken, leading to ugly patches against the white clothing.

How Can I Avoid These Risks?

If you want to be sure that your colors and whites stay bright and vibrant, here are a few tips for avoiding the risks mentioned above:

  • Separate colors from whites when washing. This will ensure that the colors are kept separate and also that the colors don’t fade when washed at higher temperatures.
  • Turn colors inside out before washing. This will help to preserve colors and prevent fading.
  • Avoid using cold water for colors. Cold water can cause colors to fade more quickly.
  • Separate whites and colors when drying. This will help to avoid any potential color transfers.
  • Always read washing labels. Washing labels will indicate which colors, temperatures and washing techniques are recommended.

In conclusion, yes you can dry colored and white clothes together, but you are better off drying them separately in order to avoid potential color bleeding and fading. Following the tips outlined above can help to further reduce the risk of any issues.

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