can i dry towels with clothes

can i dry towels with clothes

Can I Dry Towels With Clothes?

As warmer months approach and the time for doing laundry comes more frequently, many of us have likely contemplated the question “can I dry towels with clothes”? The short answer is yes, you can dry your towels with other pieces of clothing in the dryer, however there are certain factors to consider before doing so.

Factors to Consider Before Drying Towels With Clothes

  • Towel Fibers – Different fibers absorb moisture differently and may take longer to dry if mixed with other materials. If you choose to dry towels with clothes, make sure the items are similar in texture and weight. Avoid mixing towels with delicates or lightweight materials in order to avoid excess wear and tear of the fabric.
  • Dryer Settings – When using the dryer, be sure to adjust your settings correctly. Towels should be dried on a higher heat setting since they are thicker in texture. Avoid drying them for too long on a high heat setting in order to prevent shrinking or fraying of the fabrics.
  • Drying Time – It can take longer to dry towels if placed with other items in the dryer. The length of time depends on the size and material of the towels, as well as the other pieces of clothing. It is important to keep an eye on the drying process as some items may take longer than others to dry correctly.

Maintaining Towels During the Laundry Process

In addition to taking the steps listed above, there are other ways to ensure your towels remain in the best possible condition during the laundry process.

  • Wash Separately – It is best to wash towels separately from clothing, unless they are made of a similar material. This will help preserve the fabric and colors of the towels since it is harder for the detergent to penetrate the thicker material.
  • Wash on Cold – Cold water is always best to wash towels in order to prevent shrinking and fading of the fabric. Hot water can be used to clean heavily soiled towels, but do not dry them on high heat.
  • Add Fabric Softener – Fabric softener will help make towels feel softer and reduce any static buildup. Avoid over drying towels in the dryer so the fabric softener does not wear off the fibers too quickly.

Using the Dryer for Towels

While you may choose to dry towels with other clothes in the dryer, make sure you know the best way to do so. Take into consideration the fibers, dryer settings, and drying time, as well as other steps that can be taken to preserve your towels during the washing process. Following these guidelines can help ensure you get the best results when drying towels.

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