can i dry white clothes with colors

can i dry white clothes with colors

Can I Dry White Clothes with Colors?

There can be times when you have run out of white laundry and need to fill your washing machine. Or perhaps you are unaware of the laundry care label, or need to get your white laundry done quickly. In such occasions, you may find yourself wanting to know if it is okay to dry your white colors with other colors.

The Dangers of Drying White with Colors

The biggest danger when drying white with colors is the colors from the other clothes bleeding onto your white laundry. This can cause your white items to be discolored, stained and of course ruined. Also, if you use too hot a temperature for your dryer, it could also cause white colors to shrink.

Tips for Drying White with Colors

If you would still like to dry your white colors with colors, there are some tips you can follow to help the process.

  • Check the Care Labels: Before you begin, check all of the care labels on all of your items. Know which items are safe to mix and wash together and also check washing temperature.
  • Sort Colors: Pre-sort light colors and dark colors, including your white colors, before washing and drying them.
  • Use Color Catchers: Use color catchers when drying, these help prevent colors from bleeding onto whites.
  • Wash on Low: Use a cold wash, as this helps to minimize the amount of color transferred into the whites.
  • Dry on Low: Use a low heat in the dryer, this helps to prevent colors bleeding and whites shrinking.


While it is possible to mix and wash white colors with colors, it is advised that such practice is avoided. This is to prevent colors from bleeding onto whites and prevent your white colors from shrinking. Using the tips mentioned above can help reduce the risk of colors transferring onto your whites and by following the care label advice.

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