can i put really wet clothes in the dryer

can i put really wet clothes in the dryer

Can I Really Put Wet Clothes In The Dryer?

Sometimes we just don’t have the time to wait for wet clothes to dry naturally, so you may be wondering if you can just put them in the dryer. But can you really put wet clothes in the dryer? The answer is yes and no.

The Benefits of using a Dryer for Wet Clothes

Using a dryer for wet clothes has some definite benefits. It expedites the drying process, allowing you to get your clothes dry quickly. Additionally, contrary to popular belief, dryers can actually help reduce wrinkles in certain items, especially if you choose low settings and remove the items while they are still slightly damp.

What Types of Clothes can You Put In the Dryer?

Not all items of clothing are suitable for putting in the dryer. Generally, you should avoid putting items made of wool, silk and leather in the dryer. Furthermore, you should never put wet jeans in the dryer as they are susceptible to shrinking.

Here are some items that are generally safe to put in the dryer:

  • Cotton clothing
  • Towels
  • T-shirts
  • Pillowcases
  • Jeans (as long as they are not wet)

Tips For Using a Dryer for Wet Clothes

It’s possible to use a dryer for wet clothes provided that you follow some tips:

  • Always use the lowest temperature setting.
  • Check for damage or color loss after the drying cycle.
  • Make sure each item is evenly wet before putting it in the dryer.
  • Clean the lint filter before and after each cycle.
  • Pay attention to drying loads; never overload the dryer.

All in all, you can put wet clothes in the dryer but it’s important to pay attention to what type of clothes you put in as well as the settings and time. Following the tips above can help you ensure that your clothes come out of the dryer clean and undamaged.

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