can i put shoes in the washer with clothes

can i put shoes in the washer with clothes

Can I Put Shoes in the Washer with Clothes?

People often find themselves asking whether or not they can put shoes in the washing machine with the rest of their laundry. The answer is not as straightforward as it may seem. Here we explore the different kinds of shoes and what sort of washing machine should be used when washing them.

Leather Shoes

Leather shoes, such as formal dress shoes, boots, and sandals should always be kept away from the washing machine. This applies to all types of leather shoes, even those labelled as “machine-washable.” The best option for cleaning leather shoes is to:

  • Clean the surface of the shoe using a brush – Use a comb to reach the harder-to-reach areas and remove any dirt particles on the top of the shoe.
  • Use a shoe cleaning solution – Ensure that the product you are using is suitable for use on leather and that it is also compatible with your specific kind of leather.
  • Let the shoes dry naturally – Open up the shoes to help the process, and make sure that the heat sources, such as radiators, are not too close.


Sneakers are more durable and, therefore, can be put in the washing machine. Before putting them in the washer, it is important to check the shoe care label to see if your sneakers are machine washable.

  • Use a gentle cycle – This is important to protect the fabric from any possible damage.
  • Wash with cold water – Wear and tear on the shoes can be caused by temperatures that are too high.
  • Air dry – Heat, such as from a tumble dryer, can also damage the fabric.


When it comes to washing shoes in the washing machine, it all depends on the material they are made of. Leather shoes should be kept away from the machine and require a more delicate cleaning method. However, sneakers and other durable fabric shoes can usually be safely put in a washing machine, as long as the correct settings and temperatures are used. It is still essential to check the care label, though, as it can differ significantly between brands and models!

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