can i return carters clothes without receipt

can i return carters clothes without receipt

Can I Return Carters Clothes Without a Receipt?

Buying clothes can be a daunting affair, and sometimes the item you’ve bought doesn’t quite fit – or even worse, it’s faulty! It can be incredibly disheartening when you find out that you can’t return the item to the shop, because you don’t have the receipt. So, what do you when returning Carters clothes? Are returns possible without a receipt? Thankfully, there are a few options available:

Option 1: Have the Item Delivered to Your Home

One option is to have the item delivered to your home. Carters offer free delivery and returns to their home, making this the easiest option when returning Carters clothes. Simply fill out the return form included, and take the item to your local post office. They will be able to refund your money, so long as you have the delivery note.

Option 2: Return to the Store

The next option is to return to the store. Carters stores offer a 30-day return window, so you will be able to return your item to the store if you do not have a receipt. You may still be required to fill out a return form, or provide proof of purchase. Customers should note that returning to the store without proof of purchase may still incur a restocking fee.

Option 3: Utilize the Carters Online Return System

The final option to return Carters clothing without a receipt is to utilize the Carters online return system. This system can be found on the Carters website, and is a more streamlined approach to returns. Customers can choose to have the refund processed and sent to their PayPal account, or to have a store credit for the purchase. Customers need to provide their details and the item code to have the return processed.

Terms and Conditions for Returns

Regardless of which option customers choose, it’s important to understand the terms and conditions of returns:

  • Sales items are not eligible for return. Customers should double check to ensure the item is not discounted or part of a sale, before making a return.
  • Returns must be within 30 days. All return requests must be made within 30 days of purchase. Customers should check the store policy before returning, as some stores may have a longer or shorter return window.
  • Items must be in original condition. All Carters items must be in their original condition to be eligible for return. Any items that have been washed, altered or damaged may not be accepted.

Overall, returning Carters clothes without a receipt is possible, as long as you adhere to the store policies and follow the necessary steps. Be sure to check the store policy for more information on returns and exchanges.

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