can i return cat and jack clothes to target

can i return cat and jack clothes to target

Can I Return Cat and Jack Clothes to Target?

Yes, you can return Cat and Jack clothing to Target. Cat and Jack is Target’s store-brand clothing range for kids. Here are the steps you need to follow to return Cat and Jack clothing to Target:

Step 1: Make Sure You Have a Receipt

To make a return, you need your original receipt along with the item(s) you want to return. Without a receipt, you cannot return goods to Target. In cases where you don’t have a receipt, the store may give you store credit in the amount equal to the lowest-priced item in its current condition of the item being returned.

Step 2: Check the Return Policy

Target removes all doubt regarding returns and eligibility when it comes to Cat and Jack clothing. Generally, any item purchased in the last 90 days and in its original, unwashed and unworn condition can be returned with a receipt.

Step 3: Make Sure You Have the Tags

You need to return the item with tags when returning Cat and Jack clothing. If it has been washed, certain items might not be eligible for a return.

Step 4: Return the Item

After making sure that you have the original receipt, tags attached and the item purchased within the past 90 days, head to your nearest Target to return the Cat and Jack clothing.

Shipping Fees

For online purchases, shipping costs are not refundable regardless of whether you return the order in the store or you mail it back. But, if Target made an error with your order, then you’re eligible for a full refund including the shipping charges.

Restocking Fee

Target does not charge a restocking fee when you return items in store or online.

In conclusion, returning Cat and Jack clothes to Target is straightforward and hassle-free. Make sure you:

  • Have a receipt
  • Check the return policy
  • Have the tags
  • Shipping fees may be applicable in certain circumstances

And that’s all!

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