can i steam dry clean only clothes

can i steam dry clean only clothes

Can I Steam Dry Clean Only Clothes?

Dry cleaning has a long-standing reputation for being the best, and sometimes only way, to clean clothing articles labeled as “Dry Clean Only”. However, with the evolution of garment steamers, can you steam dry clean only clothes?

What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a solvents-based process for cleaning certain fabrics that at one might not think of as able to be cleaned in a washing machine. These fabrics include delicate materials like silk and wool, with may have special procedures, such as hand washes, to achieve the right cleaning and maintenance.

What is Steaming?

Garment steamers are a great alternative to dry-cleaning. They use steam as the main cleaning agent rather than harsh chemicals. In addition to cleaning, they are also effective at removing wrinkles and creases from firm fabrics.

Can I Steam Dry Clean Only Clothing?

The short answer is yes. Dry cleaning services can be tricky and expensive, and steaming is a great, cost-effective alternative for clothes labeled as “Dry Clean Only”. However, some pieces of clothing may require a professional dry clean service or special techniques to be properly taken care of.

Steps for Properly Steaming Dry Clean Only Clothing

  • Read the care label: Dry cleaning maintenance is valuable and should be respected.
  • Remove any padding, buckles or zippers: These can damage the garment.
  • Set the steamer on the proper setting: Use the setting closest to the temperature listed on the care label.
  • Steam slowly and carefully: Move the garment slowly to make sure the steam touches all areas.
  • Test the fabric: Check the garment after steaming with a scrap piece of fabric.
  • Press the garment: Use a pressing cloth to finish off the steaming process.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to steam dry clean only clothes. However, it is important to read and understand the care label, as well as to check the garment with a scrap fabric to ensure no damage results from the steaming process. Remember, it may still be best to take your Dry Clean Only garments to the professionals.

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