Can i use borax on black clothes?

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Can I Use Borax on Black Clothes?

Many of us use Borax for a variety of cleaning and laundry needs, so the question arises – can it be used on black clothes? The answer is yes, though there are some precautions you should take when using it.

Things to Consider Before Using Borax on Black Clothes:


    • Concentration Level: Use a low concentration of Borax or dilute it with water to clean black clothes.


    • Test First: Before using it on all your clothes, test to use Borax on a small inconspicuous area of the fabric to check for any damage or discoloration.


    • Check for Colorfastness: Make sure the fabric is colorfast before using Borax on it. If the color fades away when you rub it, the fabric may not be colorfast.


    • Don’t Soak for Too Long: Soak the fabric in a solution with Borax in it, but don’t let it sit too long. This could cause damage to the fabric.


    • Rinse it Out Thoroughly: Rinse the fabric after soaking it, as any residue of Borax left on the fabric could damage it when it is dried.


Use Borax can be a great cleaning agent, but it must be used with caution when it comes to black clothes. By taking the right precautions, you can use it on black fabrics without any worry.

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