can i use dawn to wash clothes

can i use dawn to wash clothes

Can I Use Dawn To Wash Clothes?

Dishwashing liquid has a multitude of uses, ranging from washing dishes to washing your hands and more. But could it be used to wash clothes too? The answer is… yes it can!


Using Dawn to wash your clothes can be very beneficial in several different ways:

  • Cleans Effectively – Dawn is a powerful cleaner that can help rid your clothes of grease, stains, and dirt.
  • Safe for Most Fabrics – You can safely use Dawn on most fabrics, including cotton and polyester.
  • Cheap and Easy To Find – Compared to other laundry detergents, Dawn is much less expensive and easier to find in stores.


While Dawn can be a great choice for washing clothes, there are a few downsides to consider:

  • Not Suitable for Delicates – Using Dawn on delicate fabrics, such as silk and wool, is not recommended.
  • Can Damage Some Fabrics – If you use too much Dawn or if the water is too hot, it can damage certain fabrics.
  • May Not Rinse Well – If you don’t rinse the clothes completely, there can be a residue left behind.


If you’re looking for an effective, yet inexpensive, way to clean your clothes, Dawn can be an excellent choice. Just make sure to use it in moderation, be careful with delicate fabrics, and always rinse the clothes well to help avoid any residue.

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