can i use dish soap to wash my clothes

can i use dish soap to wash my clothes

Can I Use Dish Soap to Wash my Clothes?

While dish soap has many great uses, it’s not necessarily advised to use it to wash clothes. Dish soap is made from strong, potentially damaging, ingredients; this makes it great for dishes, but not necessarily ideal for clothes.

Why You Should Avoid Using Dish Soap on Clothes

Using dish soap on clothes can lead to a number of negative outcomes:

  • Fabric Damage: Dish soap is a degreaser, meaning it’s meant to remove grease, oil and food particles from dishes. This can be detrimental to fabrics; degreasers can damage colors and weaken fabric fibers.
  • Reduced Clothing Softness: Fabric softeners are a common addition to detergents because they reduce the stiffness that comes from washing clothes. Since dish soap does not contain fabric softeners, it will leave clothes feeling rough and uncomfortable.
  • Increased Vigor: With more strength than regular detergents, dishes soap can require more strenuous hand-washing of clothing items. This can cause increased wear and tear on garments, even leading to damage and rips.

Dish Soap Alternatives

If you’re interested in using a product different from regular laundry detergent, there are several products that remain safe and effective when washing clothes:

  • Soapnuts/Soapberries: Natural alternatives to detergents, soapnuts and soapberries are made from substances found naturally in the environment and don’t contain the harsh chemicals often found in detergents.
  • DIY Detergents: Not interested in buying a detergent? Consider making your own detergent- recipes are widely available online, and some ingredients can be found in your local store!
  • Laundry Soaps: If you’re looking for a pre-made product, try laundry soaps. These are made for use on clothes, which allows for a more gentle, effective cleaning.

In conclusion, dish soap is not the best choice for washing clothes. While it may be strongly effective in removing stubborn stains, it can also do an unhealthy amount of damage to certain fabrics. If you are looking for a detergent alternative, try using natural soapberries, DIY detergents, or laundry soaps.

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