can i use double sided tape on clothes

can i use double sided tape on clothes

Can I use Double Sided Tape on Clothes?

Many of us have used double sided tape to hang posters on a wall or mend something temporarily. But have you ever wondered if double sided tape can be used on clothes as well?

Yes, with Caution

The simple answer is yes, but, you should be extremely careful to not damage the fabric of the garment. You should always test a small area of the clothing first for any possible damage. Some fabrics to be especially cautious about are delicate fabrics such as lace, suede, satin, velvet and leather.

Tips for Using Double Sided Tape on Clothes

Here are a few tips on how to use double sided tape on clothes:

  • Clean the fabric surface: Be sure to clean the fabric surface before you attach the double sided tape. This will ensure that the tape has a good grip on the fabric.
  • Choose the right strength: Choose a tape with the right amount of adhesive. Too much adhesive may damage the fabric of your clothes, while too little adhesive may not hold up properly.
  • Protect the surface: You can also use a piece of fabric or paper before you attach the tape. This will act as a barrier and protect your garment from any damage.
  • Remove with Care: You should always be careful while removing the tape so that it doesn’t pull off the fabric.


In conclusion, double sided tape can be used on clothes but it is important to be careful and use caution. Be sure to test for any possible damage before applying tape to the garment and follow the tips above for a successful result.

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