can i wash a towel with clothes

can i wash a towel with clothes

Can I Wash a Towel with Clothes?

Towels are often one of the dirtiest items in the laundry room. Providing a soft and absorbent material for cleaning up messes, dirt and sweat from our bodies, towels tend to get extra dirty. So it is important to know if and when we can wash towels with clothes, ensuring that our laundry items are all perfectly clean.

When Can You Wash Towels with Clothes?

Generally, it is safe and recommended to wash towels with clothes. When washing any items with towels, it is important to separate dark and light fabrics to prevent color transfer. Additionally, keep an eye on lint filters and lint traps to ensure they don’t overflow. For best washing results, it is recommended to:

  • Wash Towels Separately: To prevent towels from clinging to clothes and lint and debris being transferred to other items, it is best to wash towels separately from other clothes or items.
  • Wash Towels in Hot Water: Hot water is key to removing the dirt and oils that easily build up on towels. When washing towels with clothes, set the temperature to at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Use Low Cycle Speed: Towels require more agitating than clothing for a good cleaning. When washing towels with other items, use the low cycle speed to prevent any potential fabric damage.
  • Add Detergent and Extra Rinse Cycles: To get a deeper clean and to remove any potential build-up, use extra detergent when washing towels with clothing and add an extra rinse cycle.

When Should You Not Wash Towels with Clothes?

When washing towels with clothes, it is important to keep certain items separate such as:

  • Sheer or delicate fabrics
  • New items with color or fabric tags
  • Highly absorbent fabrics

Also, it’s important to limit the number of towels that can be washed with other clothes. Overloading the washer can prevent items from getting a thorough cleaning. If you are washing too many items — such as towels — in a single load, consider separating them out into smaller loads.


In most situations, it is safe and recommended to wash towels with clothes for the best cleaning results. However, it is important to separate dark and light fabrics, watch your lint filters and adjust cycle settings accordingly. Additionally, it’s important to limit the towels that you wash with other items and separate out any sheer, delicate or absorbent fabrics. With this advice keeping your laundry clean and perfect should be a cinch.

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