can i wash clothes with sheets

can i wash clothes with sheets

Can I Wash Clothes With Sheets?

Many of us have heard about washing clothes and sheets together, but is it really safe? The answer is yes – but with a few important caveats.

Benefits of Washing Clothes and Sheets Together

Washing clothes and sheets together has a few benefits:

  • Saves time: Doing a large load with both will save you time.
  • Saves water: Since the washing machine uses a fixed amount of water, combining the two items cuts down on water use.
  • Provides a sense of accomplishment: Finishing one large load, instead of several smaller ones, can be satisfying.

Precautions to Keep in Mind

While it is safe to wash clothes and sheets together, it’s important to follow some precautions to ensure the best results:

  • Sort laundry carefully: Lighter clothes can be washed together, but heavier fabrics and dark colors should be washed separately. Check the care tags of each item to determine their washing settings.
  • Avoid too much laundry: Overstuffing the washing machine can prevent items from getting properly cleaned.
  • Transition to cold water: If you usually wash sheets with hot water, transition to cold or warm water to extend their life. Items with special care instructions, such as delicate fabrics, should always be washed in cold water.
  • Choose the right detergent: Make sure the detergent you use is compatible with both the sheets and clothes you plan to wash.


Washing clothes and sheets together can be a great time-saver, but it’s important to do it safely by following the proper sorting and washing instructions. Doing so can help ensure that your clothes and sheets come out clean and in great condition.

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