can i wash jeans with colored clothes

can i wash jeans with colored clothes

Can I Wash Jeans With Colored Clothes?

Jeans are a popular clothing item, but can the classic blue jean be washed with other clothing items? In particular, can jeans be washed with other colored clothing?

Things to Consider Before Washing Jeans

Before you dive into the question of whether jeans can be washed with colored clothing, there are a few things to consider:

  • Jeans Fabric – Different types of jeans fabric have different washing instructions. Denim jeans often need to be washed separately.
  • Color of the Jeans – Darker jeans, such as those indigo or black are less likely to discolor other colors in the wash.
  • Color of the Other Clothes – If you are washing jeans with brightly colored clothes, be aware that colors can run and fade in the wash.

Washing Jeans With Other Colored Clothes

The answer to the question is yes, jeans can usually be washed with other items of colored clothing. However, it’s best to keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Always read the care instructions on the clothing labels carefully and follow them.
  • Wash colored items in cold water. Hot water can cause colors to fade more quickly.
  • Use a gentle wash cycle. Longer cycles may cause colors to run.
  • Add a color-safe detergent to help reduce fading.


In conclusion, it is possible to wash jeans with other colored clothes, but it is important to follow the care instructions on the clothing labels, use a gentle wash cycle, and use a color-safe detergent. As long as these steps are followed, washing jeans with colored clothing should be fine.

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