can i wash my clothes in cold water

can i wash my clothes in cold water

Can I Wash My Clothes In Cold Water?

In today’s laundry world, you often hear that everything needs to be washed in hot water. Hot water is said to be better for lifting stubborn stains and killing bacteria, but that doesn’t mean that cold water is off the table. Here are some pro’s and con’s to consider when looking into cold water.


  • Saving Energy – using cold water is typically much better for the environment, and can help you save energy!
  • Less Fading – using cold water can also help to prevent fading in your clothing, making them last longer and remain looking their best.
  • Better for Delicates – Cold water is better for certain delicates, and allows them to stay vibrant for much longer.


  • Stubborn Stains – cold water doesn’t always do a great job of lifting stubborn stains, so you may need to use something else.
  • Killing Bacteria – hot water is known to kill some bacteria, whereas cold water may not.

In conclusion, if you have certain delicates that you need to wash, or you simply want to save money on electricity and energy costs, cold water is definitely an option. However, if you have stubborn stains or are looking to kill bacteria, you may need to consider a higher temperature.

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