can i wash my scrubs with other clothes

can i wash my scrubs with other clothes

Can I Wash My Scrubs with Other Clothes?

If you are working in the medical field, you typically have to wear a medical uniform known as scrubs. Since you’ll likely be wearing your scrubs daily, it’s important to know how and with what you can wash your scrubs. Here are some tips for washing scrubs and other questions you might have about caring for your scrubs.

Washing Your Scrubs

Can I Wash Scrubs with Other Clothes? Yes, you can put your scrubs in the washing machine with other clothes. It is important to be mindful of the temperature you will be washing them in, however. Make sure to wash scrubs with cold water to preserve their color. Additionally, make sure to set your washer to gentle cycle if possible.

Is it Better to Dry Clean Scrubs?

If the manufacturer’s care instructions indicate that you should dry clean your scrubs, it’s best to follow that advice for best care of your scrubs.

What Detergent Should I Use to Wash My Scrubs?
For best results, use a gentle detergent on your scrubs. Be careful to avoid any detergents that are highly fragranced or have bleach in them.

Care Tips to Avoid Damage

To make sure your scrubs last as long as possible, it is important to follow these care tips:

  • Avoid high heat when drying your scrubs to prevent fading.
  • Air dry your scrubs if possible.
  • Wash dark and white scrubs separately.
  • Wash scrubs inside-out.
  • Don’t use fabric softener on scrubs.

Although you can wash your scrubs with other clothes, following these tips can help to keep your scrubs looking their best and lasting longer.

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