can i wash my sheets with my clothes

can i wash my sheets with my clothes

Can I Wash My Sheets With My Clothes?

Washing your sheets often is an important part of keeping them and your home clean and free from bacteria, dust mites and allergens. But when it comes to washing your sheets, can you throw them in with your regular laundry?

Pros of Washing Sheets With Clothes

There are a few advantages to washing your sheets with your regular clothes:

  • Time and Cost Savings – By washing your sheets in the same cycle as your regular clothes, you can save time, energy and money by running all the items in one load.
  • Fewer Unfavorable Residues – Washing with detergents, fabric softeners and other products can leave residues on your sheets. When you wash them with your clothes, you can be sure to use products that won’t leave as much residue on your sheets.

Cons of Washing Sheets With Clothes

While there are some advantages, there are also some drawbacks to consider before washing your sheets with your clothes:

  • Stains, Pilling, and Fading – Throwing your sheets in with your clothes can cause them to pill and fade faster. Washing them with other items may also lead to stains if your clothes or sheets are heavily soiled.
  • Lack of Sanitation – While you may use a laundry detergent, it may not be enough to keep your sheets as clean and sanitary as they should be. For this reason, some people prefer to use a sanitizing agent when washing their sheets.

Overall Assessment

Overall, it is possible to wash your sheets with your clothes, but it is not ideal. If you choose to do this, you should use a mild detergent, avoid using fabric softener, and follow the instructions on the garment tags. It is also important to separate heavily soiled items to prevent staining and ensure they come out as clean as possible. For those who want to keep their sheets looking their best and as sanitary as possible, it is best to wash them with a sanitizing agent separately to ensure they come out fresh and clean.

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