can i wash my shoes with my clothes

can i wash my shoes with my clothes

Can I Wash My Shoes with My Clothes?

Washing your clothes is a necessary chore and is a part of taking care of your belongings. But when it comes to shoes, is it safe to wash them with your clothes? Let’s find out.

Advantages of Washing Shoes with Clothes

There are several advantages of washing shoes with your clothes:

  • Convenience: Washing your shoes with your clothes reduces the number of loads of laundry you have to do, saving you both time and energy.
  • Space Saving: Washing shoes with clothes in the same laundry load also saves space in your washing machine.
  • Less Detergent: You need less detergent when washing a load that includes both fabric and leather.

Things to Consider Before Washing Shoes with Clothes

Before washing your shoes with your clothes, there are certain things to consider:

  • Fabric: It is important to check the label on the fabric of your shoes and make sure the shoes are washable.
  • Color: To avoid staining your clothes or the shoes, you should check the colors of the shoes and the clothes you are washing together.
  • Washing Time: Depending on the material of your shoes, you should check the instruction manual of your washing machine to determine what washing time is suitable for it.


It is possible to wash your shoes with your clothes, but it is important to do so with caution. Take care to check the material and colors for both the shoes and clothes, as well as the instructions for your washing machine, before doing so.

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