can light-colored mens clothing be worn in fall and winter

can light-colored mens clothing be worn in fall and winter

Light Coloured Mens Clothing for Fall and Winter

Though we often equate winter fashion with dark tones and somber colours, light coloured mens clothing can easily be worn in colder months. Though a white t-shirt and jeans might not be the cosiest option on a cold winter day, the following options will keep you looking sharp and feeling content.

Inside the Home

At home, you have the most freedom to choose your clothing pieces. Light coloured mens clothing that is truly season agnostic, such as:

  • V neck sweaters – Plain or with eye catching detailing
  • Polo shirts – Can be paired with a variety of trousers
  • Jeans – Can be discolored with the right wash.

No matter which garment you choose, whether it’s a bright mustard or light grey, combining these items with dark neutral accessories can create a flattering look.


Dark colours aid in camouflaging you in colder months. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t feel and look smart outdoors. Here’s how to make light coloured mens clothing work for the cold weather:

  • Turtleneck sweaters – Cheap and available in a variety of shades
  • Trench coats – Again, they come in a wide range of colours
  • Sweatpants – Ideal for colder seasons

Colder weather doesn’t have to mean you forsake your light coloured clothes. With a little creativity, you can feel comfortable and look great.

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