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Can Men Try On Clothes at Torrid?

In recent times, gender norms in clothing have become increasingly fluid, leading to many companies now catering to a gender-neutral fashion space. Most stores and brands arguably focus on women’s fashion, but companies like Torrid have also been expanding their range of clothing for men. This begs the question: can men try on clothes at Torrid?

What Torrid Offers

Torrid is a brand that makes apparel in sizes 10-30, catering to the plus-size market. They offer apparel for all members of the gender spectrum, but generally…their stock is designed to flatter woman’s figures. So, while they do offer apparel for men, they are limited to mainly button-up shirts, jeans, and casual wear.

What We Know

At the moment, the process for men’s clothes at Torrid isn’t all too clear. Some reviews online suggest that men are allowed to try on some clothing items, but it isn’t known for sure whether this is company-wide or differed between stores.

Making It Easier for Men

It’s understandable why some men would want to shop at Torrid – their clothing is stylish, well-made, and most importantly, fits well. However, with their policy on trying on unclear, this makes it difficult for men to shop with confidence.

Contacting Torrid

For more information about the trying-on process, the best course of action would be to contact the company and ask. If a store has a changing room where you feel comfortable, you can also try asking the attendants there.


There are other stores and companies that cater specifically to gender-neutral fashion, such as ASOS and Uniqlo, which may be better options if you’re looking for more options for trying on clothing.


In conclusion, it is difficult to tell whether men are allowed to try on clothes at Torrid, as their policy is not publicly advertised. The best way to find out is to contact the company directly or ask store attendants. There are also many other companies that offer gender-neutral clothing, some of which have a clear policy on trying on items.

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