can men try on clothes at torrid

can men try on clothes at torrid

Can Men Try On Clothes at Torrid?

At Torrid, the popular fashion outlet specializing in women’s plus size clothing, many men are wondering if they’re welcome to try on their products or not.

Here’s what we know:

Men Aren’t Refused Entrance to Torrid Stores

Men aren’t refused entrance to Torrid stores and many customers – both men and women – are often seen inside. It’s completely acceptable for men to do their shopping at Torrid if they choose.

What’s With the Limited Men’s Section?

The stock inside the store is such that there’s usually only a very small selection of men’s clothing items. In most cases, the vast majority of stock catering to women.

Coming in Handy

Interestingly, Torrid stores do tend to come in handy for men in some very specific cases. That’s because many of the t-shirts, leggings and even dresses purchased by women can be easily worn by men, often without having to make any significant alterations or adjustments at all.

Offering Specialized Rooms for Men

In some cases, larger Torrid stores are known to offer a small area or room where men can try on clothes. In these cases, men will often be directed to the gender-neutral or male changing area by the store’s manager or an employee and given some privacy to try on the items they’re interested in buying.


In general, Torrid stores willingly accept the presence of both men and women, although they do usually have a much smaller selection of men’s clothing. For the adventurous, the many non-gender specific pieces sold by Torrid can be great addition of any wardrobe, no matter your gender.

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