can men wear womens clothing

can men wear womens clothing

Can Men Wear Women’s Clothing?

With gender-neutral fashion trending in the mainstream, it begs the question: can men wear women’s clothing? Absolutely! It’s okay for people of any gender to wear clothing traditionally designed for men or women.

Incorporating women’s pieces into a men’s wardrobe can be a playful twist on classic men’s fashion. From embellished jackets to high heels, here are some of the ways men can rock women’s wear.


Bags, jewelry, sunglasses, and hats can be easily worn by both men and women. These key essentials can be swapped between genders for a unique look. Play around with different shapes and colors to find classic pieces that work for you.


Choose clothes that fit your body. Over-sized items can be an interesting twist on classic pieces, but make sure the item fits you comfortably. Even if the item is from the women’s section, it’s okay to size up if it fits your body better.

Embrace the Unconventional

Embellishments and bright colors give traditional menswear silhouettes an elvated twist. Go for bold pieces such as ruffled blouses or velvet jackets to standout.

Classic Pieces

Classic men’s items such as button-down shirts, dress pants, and blazers can come from the women’s section. Try experimenting with prints and colors to spice up your look.

Whichever way you choose to incorporate women’s clothing into your wardrobe, have fun with fashion. Allow yourself to explore and find new pieces with a unique hit that fit who you are and how you feel.
Embrace individual style and show your confidence!

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