can midges bite through clothing

can midges bite through clothing

Can Midge Bites Be Prevented Through Clothing?

Midges, small, two-winged flies, can cause skin irritation, though they do not transmit any diseases. When they bite, they inject saliva that can cause an itchy and uncomfortable reaction. Many people are interested in preventing midge bites, but one of the most commonly asked questions is: can midges bite through clothing?

Can Midge Bites Be Blocked By Clothes?

Yes, they can. Midge bites can be prevented when material covers the skin, like long pants and shirts with sleeves. Midges can get through thin fabrics, like thin t-shirts or nylon skirts. The thicker and tougher the fabric, the better it is for blocking midges.

Which Clothing Material Is Best for Blocking Bites?

For the best protection against midge bites, any loose woven, tightly woven cotton fabrics are the best choice. So have clothing made from fabrics like canvas, poplin or denim. It’s best to avoid lightweight, synthetic materials like jersey and silk.

Additional Tips For Avoiding Midge Bites

In addition to wearing appropriate clothing, there are other tips on avoiding midge bites.

  • Avoid high-risk areas: Try to stay away from areas that have a high number of midge, like swamps and still water.
  • Stay indoors: Midges are most active at dawn and dusk, so schedules should be changed to minimize any outdoor activities during those times.
  • Bug repellents: Bug sprays and lotions with ingredients like DEET, permethrin, picaridin, and oil of lemon eucalyptus are effective in deterring midges.
  • Lavender: Plant herbs like lavender and lemon balm around the house, as midges are known to avoid them.


Midges can be blocked by clothing. For maximum protection, make sure to wear items made from cotton or a tightly woven fabric, and consider bug spray along with staying indoors during peak midge times.

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