Can midges bite through clothing

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Can Midges Bite Through Clothing?

Midges are a type of small dipteran insect, commonly found in Scotland and across Europe. They are a nuisance, since the males bite humans and animals, causing irritation and often swelling. But can midges bite through clothing?

The answer is yes, although it depends on the type of clothing. Midges are small insects, and if the clothing material is thin enough, they can bite through. However, if the fabric is thick enough, it can act as a barrier to midges bite.

Types Of Clothing That Midges Can Bite Through

Midges can bite through the following materials:

    • Cotton – The natural fibres of cotton are relatively thin, allowing midges bite to easily penetrate.


    • Wool – Wool is a thicker material than cotton, but it can still allow midges to bite through.


    • Silk – Silk is also a thin material and can be easily penetrated.


    • Linen – Linen is another natural fibre that can be quite thin, so it can also be penetrated by midges.


Types Of Clothing That Are Less Likely To Be Penetrated By Midges

Midges are less likely to be able to penetrate through the following materials:

    • Synthetic Fibres – Materials such as nylon or nylon-cotton blends are thicker and less likely to be penetrated by midges.


    • Leather – Leather is a tough material which is less likely to be penetrated.


    • Thick Denim – Denim is quite thick and can be difficult for midges to bite through.


Overall, midges can bite through clothing if the fabric is thin enough. To best prevent midges bite, it’s important to wear clothing made from thicker materials such as synthetic fibres, leather or thick denim.

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