can paint come out of clothes

can paint come out of clothes

4 Tips for Removing Paint from Clothing

It’s an absolute nightmare when you spill paint on your favorite shirt or dress. But don’t fret, if you act quickly and follow these steps, you might be able to save your clothes from permanent damage.

1. Blot First, Scrub Later

The first step to removing paint from clothes is to blot carefully. Don’t rub or scrub the paint unnecessarily, this will spread it to other sections and only make the stain bigger. You can use a paper towel or kitchen cloth to remove excess paint.

2. Frozen Treat

If the paint has already dried and is a little difficult to remove, try freezing the fabric. Put the stained area in a freezer bag, and place it inside your freezer. Once frozen, the paint should become brittle, and you can chip it off the clothes.

3. Home Solutions

If freezing the cloth didn’t work, try some home remedies on the stain. Many substances that are commonly found in your home such as vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and rubbing alcohol are great for removing paint from clothes.

4. Spot Cleaning

It’s best to apply the cleaning solution on a small corner of the fabric first before applying it to the entire area. This will help you judge if the solution damages the fabric or causes any color changes.

Follow these simple steps for the best possible outcome when removing paint from clothes, and you’ll have your favorite outfit back to its original condition soon!

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