can peroxide bleach clothes

can peroxide bleach clothes

Does Peroxide Bleach Clothes?

Peroxide is a common household product often used to disinfect cuts and make teeth whiter. It’s also used as a bleaching agent because it whitens more quickly than many other bleaches. But can it safely bleach clothes?

Regular Household Hydrogen Peroxide

Regular household hydrogen peroxide, the kind found in a brown bottle in the first aid aisle, is too weak to effectively bleach or whiten fabrics. You would need to use a laundry or upholstery bleaching chemical for that purpose.

Oxygen Bleaches

There is a laundry bleaching option that does use hydrogen peroxide, but it’s known as an oxygen bleach. Oxygenated bleaches are a safer, gentler option than chlorine bleaches, but much more is needed to produce a bleaching effect than in chlorine bleach.

Tips For Safe Peroxide Bleaching

If you wish to use peroxide as a bleach, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Read the label. Make sure to check the label carefully and follow the instructions.
  • Test a small area. Test a small area of the fabric to ensure you won’t ruin the material.
  • Treat carefully. Treat delicate fabrics such as silk and wool with extra caution and always follow the instructions for machine washing.
  • Check reaction. Check for any color change or reaction to the fabric before adding the peroxide to the entire garment.


In conclusion, peroxide is not as effective as other bleaches when it comes to whitening clothing. The safer choice is an oxygen bleach, which is more gentle on delicate fabrics and requires more patience when bleaching. It is important to read the label and test a small area of the fabric before bleaching to avoid any potential damage.

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