can poison ivy spread through clothes

can poison ivy spread through clothes

Can Poison Ivy Spread Through Clothes?

Poison ivy is a plant well known for its itch-inducing sap that causes an uncomfortable skin rash. But can it spread through clothes?

What is Poison Ivy?

Poison ivy is a species of flowering plants that grows throughout North America. It has three leaves and can be found in any season. It secretes a clear fluid called urushiol when the leaves are crushed, which can cause a severe allergic reaction resulting in a rash.

Can Poison Ivy Spread Through Clothes?

The answer is yes, poison ivy can spread through clothes. The urushiol oil found in the sap of poison ivy is a very potent allergen and can remain on clothing even after laundering. If someone brushes up against poison ivy plants, the urushiol oil can get on their clothes and cause a rash even after they have taken the clothes off.

How to Prevent Poison Ivy From Spreading Through Clothes

• Wear long sleeves and long pants when outdoors. • Avoid contact with poison ivy plants whenever possible. • Clean contaminated clothes immediately in hot water. • Discard clothing items that cannot be thoroughly cleaned. • Wash your hands and skin with soap and water after coming into contact with poison ivy. • Thoroughly wash contaminated laundry with detergent, two rinse cycles, and a hot dry cycle.


Although poison ivy can spread through clothes, it’s possible to prevent it by avoiding contact with poison ivy plants, wearing protective clothing, and carefully cleaning contaminated clothes.

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