can ticks live on clothing

can ticks live on clothing

Can Ticks Live On Clothing?

Ticks are small arachnids that feed on the blood of animals and humans, and as a result, they can transmit a variety of diseases. This can include dangerous illnesses such as Lyme Disease. As a result, it is important to understand where ticks like to reside and if clothing is an ideal location for them.

Do Ticks Prefer Skin?

Ticks prefer warm, moist environments, and skin is an ideal setting as it provides all of these things. Skin also carries a variety of other organisms they can feed on, as well as blood they require as a source of nourishment in order to survive and reproduce. However, ticks can survive in other places such as clothing, if the conditions are right.

Are Ticks Attracted To Clothing?

Ticks are not necessarily attracted to clothing, but they can live on clothing if the right conditions exist. This can include clothing that is:

  • Unwashed and contains bio-materials like sweat and dead skin cells (ticks feed on these)
  • In an environment with high humidity
  • Dark and undisturbed

If these conditions exist, then ticks may take residence in clothing. In addition, clothing is an ideal transportation device for ticks to travel from one location to another.

Can Ticks Be Removed From Clothing?

Yes, ticks can be removed from clothing by washing the clothing in hot water and drying the item on a high heat setting. It is also important to check clothing for ticks before washing, as some ticks may be resistant to the heat of the washing machine and survive the cycle. Ticks can also be removed by using tweezers and pulling them off the clothing.


Ticks can survive on clothing, but they prefer warm and moist areas like skin. To prevent ticks from transmitting diseases to humans, it is important to check clothing for ticks and ensure that any item worn outdoors is washed afterwards. If a tick is found on clothing, it should be removed with tweezers and the clothing washed in hot water.

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